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Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington World of Adventures Park areas include the Market Square, Mystic East, Mexicana, Pirates Cove, Transylvania, and Forbidden Kingdom. Land of the Dragons opened in 2004 for children, and in late 2009 Wild Asia replaced the area known as Beanoland. In 2012 Africa replaced ToyTown, and following this Chessington introduced the new area ZUFARI in 2013. The ZUFARI animal reserve is overlooked by the African-themed Safari Hotel. On 19 March the new Scorpion Express rollercoaster opened in Mexicana as a replacement for the old Runaway Train ride.

History Of The Park

In 1984, due to the zoo's declining attendance, Tussauds's Director of Development, Ray Barratt commissioned John Wardley to come up with plans to revitalize the park. John Wardley was one of the main designers at Tussaud's for a number of years, and had a huge influence on the rides being created at both Chessington and its sister parks Thorpe Park and Alton Towers. The decision was made to open a theme park to complement the zoo, and so Chessington World of Adventures was born. On 7 June 1987 Chessington World of Adventures opened to the public. The park was built on a relatively small budget of around £12 million, incase the project failed.

In its first year, the park opened with the roller coaster Runaway Mine Train, the log flume Dragon River, the monorail Safari Skyway, the dark ride The 5th Dimension, and the Chessington Railroad as the main attractions (all supplied by the German ride manufacturer Heinrich Mack GmbH & Co). The new rides were to operate on a pay-one-price admission basis, and replace the existing pay-as-you-go fairground rides. Other support rides were also opened, and the park opened just five themed areas: Calamity Canyon, Mystic East, Market Square, Toy Town and Circus World. The attractions were all heavily themed with emphasis on atmosphere and effects, making Chessington one of the first true theme parks in Britain.

Park Information

  • Location: Chessington, Greater London, England
  • Owner: Merlin Entertainments
  • Opened: 1987
  • Operating season: March - November
  • Rides Total: 33
  • Roller coasters: 4
  • Water rides: 2
  • Website:





  • March until November.
  • Open times are usually 10:00am
  • Closing times vary throughout the season.
  • Ticket Prices are below:
    • Adult Tickets - £45:00 (Online - Varys on bookings)
    • Child Tickets - £41:00 (Online - Varys on bookings)
    • Senior Tickets - (Online - Varys on bookings)


Rollercoaster Main Rides Children's Rides
  • Dragon's Fury
  • Rattlesnake
  • Scorpion Express
  • Vampire
  • Black Buccaneer
  • Kobra
  • Monkey Swinger
  • Peeking Heights
  • Rameses Revenge
  • Safari Skyway
  • SeaStorm
  • Tuk Tuk Turmoil
  • Zufari
Water/Dark Rides
  • Bubbleworkds
  • Dragon's Falls
  • Tomb Blaster
  • Canopy Capers
  • Carousel
  • Flying Jumbos
  • Griffin's Galleon
  • Jungle Bus
  • Jungle Bouncers
  • Sea Dragons
  • Penguins of Madagascar: Treetop Hoppers
  • Tiny Truckers
  • Toadie's Crazy Cars
Other Attractions
  • Dragon's Playhouse
  • Hocus Pocus Hall
  • Lorikeet Lagoon
  • Penguins Live
  • Temple Of Mayhem


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