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History Of The Park

Frontierland Western Theme Park was a theme park at Morecambe, Lancashire, England, situated on Marine Road West, which operated from 1909 to 7 November 1999, with a final year consisting of only travelling rides in 2000.[1] Frontierland originally operated as West End Amusement Park, Fun City and Morecambe Pleasure Park from 1909 to 1986 before being transformed into Frontierland for the 1987 season in an attempt to defeat dwindling visitor numbers.

In 2000, Frontierland was officially closed down by Geoffrey Thompson, managing director of Pleasure Beach Blackpool. All of the rides, excluding the Polo Tower and Log Flume were demolished or dismantled and sold on. The Rattler was moved to the Pleasure Beach whilst "The Wild Mouse" (later called "Runaway Mine Train" for the new-look Frontierland) and the Chair-O-Planes were moved to Pleasureland Southport, which later closed down in 2006. Unlike Pleasureland, Frontierland was never resurrected and the site remained wasteland until 2007, when three outlets were built. These large outlets were positioned at the back of the park, an area that previously featured the Stampede, Tea Cups and Parrots ride.

Opening in 2008, the three outlets consisted of a Homebase, JJB Sports and Next. Further plans are in the pipeline however, the retail park project isn’t a fast moving project. As a result of lack of interest, the retail park, previously proposed in 2001, didn’t make it off the drawing board until six years later. Early 2009, work began at the front of the site to remove the Log Flume which leaves the Polo Tower as the last remaining ride.

A brief history of the Frontierland site can be found at the Morecambe Today website.

The Thompson family, owners of Pleasure Beach Blackpool purchased the park in 1909, when it was called West End Amusement Park. The owners, who also owned Pleasureland Southport, which closed in 2006, introduced new rides each year until visitor numbers began to dwindle. A number of tactics were used to save the park, however most failed eventually. Rides such as a 150-foot (46 m) Big Wheel were introduced but were quickly taken down due to neighbouring complaints.

Park Information

  • Location: Morecambe, Lancashire, England
  • Owner: BPB.Ltd (1909-1999) Morrisons Plc (2001-2009)
  • Opened: 1909
  • Closed: 2009
  • Operating season:
  • Rides Total:
  • Roller coasters: 4
  • Water rides: 1





Rollercoaster Main Rides Children's Rides
  • Rattler
  • Runaway Mine Train
  • Stampede
  • Texas Tornado
  • Big Wheel
  • Chair-O-Planes
  • Ghost Train
  • Haunted Silver Mine
  • Noah's Ark
Water/Dark Rides
  • Log Flume
  • Funhouse
  • Tumble Bug
Other Attractions
  • Polo Tower
  • Sky Ride



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