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Flamingo Land opened Velocity in 2005. It operates today as the only Vekoma Motorbike roller coaster in the country, in fact there are only 5 examples of this roller coaster in the world.

You can see Velocity’s bright red track from the car park, if you get there after opening time you get to catch a glimpse of the trains racing around the long swooping bends of the circuit.

The station looks quite futuristic from a distance, its sweeping stainless steel canopy looking like something out of Futurama, when you get up close however you realise its a cheap steel shed made of corrugated sheets, but it does its job, it keeps rain off the main station area and shades it in the summer months. The trains are 8 cars long, each row is made up two motorbike style cars, riders sit on the cars like they would a motorbike, leant forwards to grab the handlebars, a support holds you on your back so you cannot get away from your seat.

Velocity has no lift hill, instead it uses a cable launch to reach a speed of 54mph in just 2.8 seconds, which is not too far off the launch speed of Rita at Alton Towers.

Its swooping turns gives a pleasant ride, not too scary, but enough to get the adrenaline pumping.

We are not sure why this roller coaster is so rare, it is a good ride, not too wild but not too tame either, and we are sure it could be pumped up a few levels to make a truly thrilling roller coaster.

Ride Information

  • Location: Flamingo Land
  • Opened: 2 July 2005
  • Cost:  £7 million


General Statistics

  • Type: Steel - Motorbike
  • Manufacturer: Vekoma
  • Designer:  
  • Lift/launch system: Cable Launch
  • Height: 57ft (17m)
  • Drop:
  • Length: 2,109.6ft (643m)
  • Speed: 54mph (24.1km/h)
  • Inversions: 0
  • Duration: 1:18
  • Capacity: 
  • G-force:
  • Height restriction:





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