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Saw: The Ride

Saw – The Ride is a custom Euro-Fighter roller coaster in the Thorpe Park theme park in the United Kingdom. It is themed around the Saw horror film franchise.

Advertised as "the world's most terrifying coaster", Saw - The Ride is the first and only horror-film themed roller-coaster in the world.

The ride starts off with an indoor sections where several effects can be found.

These effects are all part of "the game" of creating fear within the rider as well as to thrill.

We won't reveal too much of what goes on inside as it's better appreciated if you ride it yourself! Depending on which train you ride in the station, depends on the length and effects you'll experience inside the building.

It's up to debate which train is best, but the longer ride is on the second train.

The majority of the ride is outside and features a 100ft vertical lift hill, a steep drop and several inversions. The ride maintains a swift pace throughout and is geared towards thrill seekers.

It has been noted that the ride can seem rough after multiple goes on the same day, yet this is the nature of this ride.

However, this does not detract from the fact that it's one of the few coasters that Merlin/Tussauds have put a lot of effort (to satisfy enthusiasts that is!) into for several years.

Lets hope that Saw: The Ride is a taste of things to come!

Ride Information

  • Location: Thorpe Park
  • Opened: 13 March 2009
  • Cost: £13.5 million


General Statistics

  • Type: Steel – Euro-Fighter
  • Manufacturer: Gerstlauer
  • Designer: John Wardley (track layout)
  • Lift/launch system: Booster Wheel Lift Hill
  • Height: 100ft (30m)
  • Drop: 99.5ft (30.3m)
  • Length: 2,362ft (720m)
  • Speed: 17mph (28kph)
  • Inversions: 3
  • Duration: 1:40
  • Capacity: 1,100 riders per hour
  • G-force: 4.8
  • Height restriction: 55in (140cm)





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