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Blue Fire

Blue Fire is a launched roller coaster at Europa-Park. The coaster opened in 2009 as part of a new Iceland-themed expansion to Europa-Park. As the first launched coaster built by MACK Rides, Blue Fire will serve as the park's tenth roller coaster and their first roller coaster with inversions. The ride's tagline is "Discover Pure Energy".


Blue Fire is a combination of a dark ride and a launched roller coaster. The ride begins with a dark ride portion lasting roughly 45 seconds. The ride then moves outside, where the train is accelerated to 115 km/h in 2.5 seconds using a linear induction motor launch on an 80-metre-long launch track.

The launch propels the train over a turn that peaks at 38 metres (124 feet, 8 inches) high. Then, the turn leads into a vertical loop 32 metres high, which is the tallest loop on any launched roller coaster in Europe. One turn culminates in a mid-course brake run; and, exiting the brake run, the train completes a twisted horseshoe roll that partially passes over a lake. One airtime hill follows, and the ride ends with a heartline roll and final brake run.

Blue Fire's twisted horseshoe roll is the first on any roller coaster in Europe and the first on any Mack roller coaster. The element itself has only previously appeared on one other roller coaster, making its debut on Maverick.

Trains and color scheme

Blue Fire has five trains with five cars each. The trains accommodate two riders per row, for a total of 20 riders per train. With a two minute, 30-second ride and separate loading and unloading stations, 1,720 riders can ride Blue Fire per hour. The trains use lap bar restraints rather than the over-the-shoulder restraints employed on Maverick and Intamin Accelerator coasters, and stadium-style seating like that of Millennium Force.

As opposed to more conventional lap bars found on most wooden roller coasters, the lap bar on a seat on Blue Fire is above the seat when the train is not occupied. However, the restraint itself rests in the rider's lap instead of across the rider's chest.

Ride Information

  • Location: Europa-Park
  • Opened: 4 April 2009
  • Cost: 


General Statistics

  • Type: Steel - Launched
  • Manufacturer: Mack Rides
  • Designer:  
  • Lift/launch system: LSM-launched lift hill
  • Height: 124ft (38m)
  • Drop:
  • Length: 3,464ft (1,056m)
  • Speed: 62mph (100km/h)
  • Inversions: 4
  • Duration: 2:30
  • Capacity: 1720 riders per hour
  • G-force: 3.8
  • Height restriction: 51in (130cm)





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