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Wednesday, 11 May 2016 16:08

Vertigo Review By Dave

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Vertigo - Oakwood Theme Park Review

Vertigo - Oakwood Theme Park Review


If you go down to Oakwood today, be sure to be ready to fly.

Oakwood Theme Park is home to the amazing "Vertigo". Vertigo is one of only 2 Skycoasters in the UK, and standing at 164ft, it is the tallest of the 2.

This is the only ride at Oakwood which you have to pay extra for. At £30 per flight, it is a bit expensive but it can take upto 3 riders at a time so works out £10 per person.

When you arrive at the Vertigo hut, you have to sign your disclaimer. You are then taken to the equipment room where you are fitted into your harness. The harness looks a bit like a sleeping bag.

You then head outside and wait your turn. When it comes you walk to the lift where you are lifted a few feet to the cable. The staff will now clip you on to the cable and tell you what you need to do at the top (Yes YOU need to do). At this point, the lift lowers and you fall forward and are left face down, suspended anout 10ft off the ground. You are now at the point of no return.

The winch now starts and pulls you up to 164ft over the park. It taks just over a minute to get to the top. Once there, you hear someone shout "3, 2, 1, FLY".

Now remember I said "YOU need to do"? You now need to pull the chord. You will hear a crack and thats it.... You are now free falling 160ft to the ground. The wind in your face getting closer to the ground, and then before you know it you are flying back up again and get another chance to take in the view. After that, you continue to swing for about 5 minutes and the swing gets shallower and shallower. To stop swinging, a loop is passed up that you grab hold of, and once stopped you are lowered back into the lift and unclipped.

This is truely an awesome ride with a great feeling and rush. Even if you do Vertigo just once, it is so worth paying the extra for. One thing I would warn about is that if it is raining, it does sting your face a bit.

So my advice is, if you are visiting Oakwood, be brave and have a go.


Reviewed by Dave


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